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case studies
Use actual examples of your work
In addition to telling the world about your accomplishments, I’ll punctuate your case study
with graphics, photos and quotes. It’s much easier – and far more convincing – to describe
what you do with actual examples of your work.
One of the best ways to generate interest in your company is to illustrate your successes in
a real-life situation. It’s impressive and compelling to explain exactly what you did, and then
show the results.

Comments from satisfied customers are also an excellent marketing tool.
Results speak for themselves
Case studies describe your positive impacts with words, numbers, charts and images. As
a former journalist, I’ll use my research and interview skills to develop a snapshot of your

Instead of just saying you’re good at what you do, let the results – and your customers –
speak for themselves.
Who was the customer?
What services were provided?
What were the results?
What were the positive impacts of these results?
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